November 2017



  • Buy your Presentation Night Tickets NOW. No sales after the 18th
  • Ellis Beach Breakup this Saturday-Sunday. Spit roast. BE THERE.

Last Month

Summer Series Concludes

It’s been a great series with some great sponsors which means great prizes for place getters and well worth the effort to get out on the water and enjoy the fabulous weather at this time of the year.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 4.30.57 pmRace One – Fitzroy Island Race, sponsored of course, by Fitzroy Island.
Impulse won two nights on the Island. Well done Frank & Wendy. See the last newsletter for more.

Summer Series Race Two – 14 October. The unconventional but normal downwind start saw the fleet head out of the inlet in fairly light winds. Out of the Blue was first round C9 and headed excitedly off towards Holloways Beach. All eyes were scanning for the buoy while the big asymmetric propelled the boat on a broad reach downwind. A gybe was all that was required as soon as the buoy was spotted about 70° off the bow. Following boats had symmetric spinnakers so headed directly downwind and spotted the buoy sooner. Holloways Beach had mysteriously moved to Machans Beach. By the time “The Blue” spotted it the buoy could not be made under the asymmetric spinnaker. Rounding the mark the big boats had caught up. In spite of another fast downwind run The Blue couldn’t match the big boats upwind in the freshening breeze. Start.,C9(p), Holloways Bch buoy (p), C9(p), HBB (p). C9 (s), Finish. First: Impulse, Second: Volare, Third: Out of the Blue.

Race Three – 22 October. Very light winds greeted the start of this race and the course was shortened to round the Yorkey’s Knob channel marker instead of Double Island. Once again Impulse & Out of the Blue benefited with the asymmetric spinnaker just staying aloft long enough to drag both boats into a glassy smooth hole around C11 & 13. Good fortune had the ‘The Blue’ as the most windward boat when the first zephyr of the North Easterly arrived, and it rounded C9 well ahead of Impulse, stuck in the hole for a little longer. The Blue rounded Yorkey’s well ahead but the superior sailors’ onboard Impulse had them nearly catch ‘The Blue’ rounding C9 on the return leg. Once again, both sailed into the windless hole. Meanwhile, Volare spent over an hour before she got out of the hole on the outbound leg and had a very lonely trip down to Yorkey’s. The consensus was to finish the race around C11 then motor home and lament a sad lack of wind.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 4.26.04 pm



Race Four – Splish Splash Lady’s day race sponsored by Moontide Swimwear. 28th October.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 4.28.59 pm

This lady is not a typical skipper

Once again a great turn out and great to see new ladies testing their skippering skills. This was especially so as the wind was a Northerly blowing directly down the inlet necessitating multiple tacks to get upwind and a great spinnaker run downwind. The Blue could only sport an Asymmetric spinnaker so had to gybe constantly to keep it flying. Congratulations to Kerry who had little experience in keeping the boat under the monster and managed to keep ahead for much of the race. Impulse took out first place, congratulations Wendy. Are we going to see you in your new outfit?


Race Five – Salthouse / Coopers bay race.

A spectacular turn out of yachts starting opposite the Coffee Shop and, once again an unconventional downwind start with all boats bolting out of the leads in a good wind and an ebbing tide towards C8. Then a starboard turn into Mission Bay where the buoy had been laid earlier. The catamaran, Leightning Storm, was well ahead expecting to round the buoy first. Frantic radio chatter revealed that the buoy could was lost or Leightning Storm was lost. Impulse, next on the scene had no greater success in finding the wayward buoy and, reluctantly, the official race was abandoned. An improvised course was set to return home via C1 at the entrance to the leads and although not racing all had an enjoyable trip home in perfect sailing weather. The attraction of Coopers Beer at the Salthouse meant no one stayed behind to fish. A great night followed thanks to these two generous sponsors wrapping up the Summer Series.

Dinghy Learn to Sail

Our recent learn to Sail program attracted more than 12 new sailors to the club. It was an excellent training program and was well supported by our training team who made everyone feel welcomed. I am confident that our learn to sail program will continue as the years go by.


On the 18& 19th of November, the CYC is hosting a Dinghy instructor course for many of the regional clubs. This opportunity highlights that CYC is now seen as a real asset to the regional clubs.

I would personally like to thank Jai Tooley and young Riley Munro who have taken up the role of organising our fun social Dinghy sailing program on Saturday and Sundays. These events are very important as it provides a pathway to allow those who have completed the learn to Sail program to build confidence and refine their skills before joining the proper racing fleet

It has been a big year in Dinghy and junior Sailing terms, and for me personally, it is also a slightly emotionally time as many of our youngsters leave their hometown for exciting adventures. I wish you all the best, and I hope to see you all soon racing around the pins back at your home club



Coming UP – This Month

November 11, 2017 – November 12, 2017 – Ellis Beach Break Up “Off the Beach” sailing for all and a great night is planned by Barry with a spit roast. There will be NO Karaoke so all members with pending stage fright can come along and their vocal talents will remain hidden.  

November 18, 2017 – Last day to get your tickets for Presentation Night.

November 18th – 19th, 2017 – Festival Cup – Incorporating Commodores Cup on Saturday. This will be a Yorkey’s Knob race. Sunday will be two bay races with a fabulous prize for the weekend sponsored by Shangrila (A night for two in their fabulous rooms overlooking the Marina). Minor prizes will come from Coopers Brewery.

November 25th, 2017 – Presentation Night, All fleets. Eat Real Cairns are our caterers. Big platers of antipasto & yummy stuff for starters. Cold cuts of chicken and beef with chutney for mains with salad. Desert will be tropical fruit platters and a choc slice.

December 9th, 2017 – Fitzroy Island Christmas Party. Plan on staying overnight either on a boat, in the camping area or in the lovely resort. Here’s an idea. Get a few of you together and book a ‘Butterfly Bungalow‘. These sleep five and have one queen bed (for the skipper of course), $205 for the night. That’s $41 each & sure beats putting up a tent, trying to find it in the dark and getting bitten by a snake.

Oh, just one more thing. You won’t be eligible for a prize if you are not there to receive it on the night.


Sailability – Every Tuesday and Thursday – see below for some exciting developments

WAGS – Every Wednesday. A fun sailing day with others, stress-free and a chance for non-members to sail for the day, just $20 gets you on a boat. Be at the Boat Shed at 12.

Commodore’s Commands

Don’t forget presentation night… BE THERE.


Wonderful Wednesday LIVING THE DREAM
Cliff dreamed of taking his Sailability friends out sailing and on Nov 12th that dream came true. We had 17 people on board including 8 in chairs and it was an unforgettable day with perfect sailing conditions. The smiles on faces were priceless as people with disabilities were experiencing something they could never have dreamed of. Good on ya Cliffy for making your dreams come true and for sharing to benefit others.

Jase went straight to the wheel and steered for most of the afternoon. Cliff’s brother, Trev made sure that Jase was up with all the complex electronics and did a great job as First Mate, as he did when we sea trialled the new boat in Melbourne back in December and January. Good onya Trev.



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