December 2017

Xmas Special


  • Presentation night
  • Fitzroy Island Race
  • Dinghy wrap-up
  • Next month

Last Month

Wrapping up the year. We’ve had a great year’s sailing with huge opportunities for all sailors to complete during the year. The mass of combined events will be repeated next year. We’d love to see even more boats out enjoying our seas. The events “grid” is made up of four sequential races carried out over five or six weeks. Within each of the four sequential series, there were five additional series to be competed for over the calendar year. This means it was not necessary to sail in every race in a series to have a chance at getting a place. For example, each sequential series included a “Fitzroy Island” race and a “Lady Skippers” race. This gave us potentially nine winners in the series events. That was in addition to the “Flagship” events of ‘Commodores Cup’ and ‘Anniversary Regatta’. The sequential series was replicated across the dinghy fleet, so a lot of sailing and some great racing was had by all.

To top it off, presentation night wrapped up a busy year with really great catering from …


Trophies presented this year include…

Festival Cup – Sponsored by Shangri La – ‘Fast Forward’ including Commodores Cup – ‘Impulse’ – Frank & Wendy.

Anniversary Regatta  – ‘Wee Welsh Dragon’ – Kevin, This included the Rob Leitner Memorial sponsored by Sue & Jamie Leitner – ‘Fast Forward’ – Brian.

Sequential Series

Lindsay Joice Series – ‘Volare’ – Frances & Neil

Sam Cadman Series – ‘Volare’ – Neil & Frances

Dick Cater Series – ‘Centinella’ – Bill Munro

Summer Series – ‘Impulse’ – Frank & Wendy

Calendar Series

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 4.30.57 pmFitzroy Island – Sponsored by Fitzroy Island- ‘Volare’ – Frances & Neil

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 10.25.49 am.jpgDouble Island – Sponsored by Pickers Vinyl & Canvas and Allied Bearings – ‘Volare’ – Frances & Neil

Bay Races – ‘Volare’ – Francis & Neil

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 4.26.04 pmLady Skipper – Sponsored by Splish Splash Swimwear – ‘Impulse’ – Wendy

coopers-beerInlet Races – Sponsored by Coopers – ‘Volare’ – Frances & Neil


Special Awards

Member of the year – Wendy Brace

Junior Member of the year – Celeste Lyons

Most Improved sailor – Kerry Dent

Most Consistent WAGS competitor – ‘Volare’ – Frances & Neil

Most Consistent Female – Francis

Most line honours WAGS competitor – ‘Yes’ – John

Most Line Honours – ‘Impulse’ – Frank & Wendy

Aggregate points – ‘Volare’ – Frances & Neil

Club Champion – ‘Volare’ – Frances & Neil

“Captain Crunch” (the only boat who admitted running aground) – ‘Wild Spirit’ – Bob

Ellis Beach – sponsored by Allied Bearings & Pickers Vinyl & Canvas

Last Hurrah – Fitzroy Island Race

The last race of the year and the Xmas breakup for the yacht Club attracted ten boats including four catamarans. The sailing instructions commanded a 9:30 briefing and a normal but unconventional downwind start in front of the coffee shop at 10:00. The forecast was for a light south-east wind getting stronger as the day progressed.

24955789_1725985194120853_1572316076881720786_o.jpgWith cartons of Xmas cheer stowed the fleet set off in somewhat disarray as only the regular sailors disregarded the sailing instructions and turned up for the briefing at 9am. At least one crewmember was seen roaming the marina in search of a long since departed ride at 9:45.

The 10am start looked promising with about 5kts of breeze. Three spinnakers blossomed early as the fleet passed over the line with the blooming spinnakers becoming limp rags as the light breeze abandoned the fleet. Wild Spirit and Out of the Blue, being lightweight boats, managed to drift ahead and catch any zephyrs that appeared randomly from the north, then north-west, then east and sometimes south. The rest of the fleet drifted aimlessly in the pond of doldrums mostly progressing backwards on the incoming tide. In fact, from T12 it looked as if most had headed back to the Salt House for refreshments.

The first and only mark to round was T12 and Out of the Blue, and Wild Spirit caught the first of the steady easterly and rounded together. Out of the Blue chose a more seaward course while Wild Spirit snuck up on the inside and took the lead. Meanwhile, back in the fleet, a few motors were called into action to break the impasse on a glassy Inlet. Eventually the easterly reluctantly made an appearance over the hills and the race was on. Rounding Cape Grafton the breeze picked up to 15kts for the beat upwind to Fitzroy now in favour of the bigger boats with their weight and length slicing easily through the choppy sea. The light boats by now were so far ahead that only a breakage could stop them. Wild Spirit crossed the line well ahead of Out of the Blue closely followed by Volare in third place having made excellent progress in the strengthening breeze and short chop.

Now the (unofficial) sailing instructions said that prizes would be awarded only to those boats that were at Fitzroy to receive them at 7pm. You can imagine the excitement on Out of the Blue as Wild Spirit turned around and headed home. Sneakily they had dropped one crew member off to collect the first prize, ah well. Leitning Storm was the first cat over the line and after reprovisioning liquid refreshments headed home. Their prize was a great day sailing.

Thanks again to Fitzroy Island for sponsoring such a magnificent prize for first place. We have had five Fitzroy races this year with this magnificent prize, two nights in their Ocean View rooms for two. These rooms are in fact, a small apartment will all facilities for self-catering, but why would you want to? Dinner and breakfast are included and Foxies Bar provides a generous lunch at a reasonable price.

Crews from at least three boats enjoyed the comfort of the resort over “doing it tough” and sleeping on the boats. So, thank you for supporting the Resort in return for their generous support for our Club.


1st Wild Spirit – Well done but had to go home sending one crew member ashore to claim the prize.

2nd Out of the Blue – Hard work once round Cape Grafton into the chop.

3rd Volare – Well sailed out of the doldrums in the inlet.

4th Bagatelle – Cat – Great to so Jai and his crew, Sophie & Miranda handling this big boat like pro’s. (They did have Kay & Ian helping out on the way over)

5th Italina – Cat – no war stories

6th Vanguard – stuck in the doldrums too long.

7th Centinella – stuck in the doldrums too long.

8th Lakatoi – stuck in the doldrums too long.

Ruby Soho – used their motor

Leitning Storm – were in such a hurry to get to Foxies Bar that they forgot to give Neil their arrival time. Too bad, I think they were first over the line??

Dinghy Sailing

2017 Year in review

Well, what a big year for dinghy sailing. Before I get started, I want to thank all the volunteers, helpers and my excellent team of instructors for their contributions over the year.


The year started with the CYC Discover Sailing Day which was well attended. Around 160 people had the opportunity to have an experience on both yachts and dinghies, this event which is become a regular event in our calendar will be held on the 18th of March. I was wondering if we should consider making it a fundraising event, by asking people to make a gold coin donation for a community cause like the youth suicide program?

This year, we made some changes to the calendar, which has meant that our Saturday morning social racing sailing program was a bit limited, but I am pleased that Riley, Jai and Daniel have indicated that in 2018, they will be running this for the club. This is important as it provides an opportunity for new sailors to build their confidence and practice the skills that they have developed in the LTS Programs.

We conduced 4 LTS programs, 1 Naval Cadet LTS Program, 3 terms of school sailing, a hosted a regional round of the School team sailing, 2 instructors course, and I am pleased that our instructor pool in continuing to grow in numbers.

While our club vessels have passed there use-by-date, we are holding them together by sheer hard work, and special thanks to Mal and Co for all the work on keeping our pacers going. If we don’t replace our fleet of dinghy training vessel, we won’t be able to undertake the activities required to continue to grow the youth and increase adult dinghy sailors in the club.

And finally, in 2018, the Youth Sailor of the Year was award to Celeste Lyons for her work with the junior sailing program, the SWD program and her mentoring of other girls into the sport.

One of the challenges we have to work out how to respond too relates to the changing nature of our sport. In 2018/19, I hope that we can give consideration to running a Women on the Water (WOW) program and adventure sail days, both of which have been highly successful at increasing participation at other clubs across the region.

While sailing remains the focus of our activities, we need to consider how we as a club can respond to the changing market, which is demanding more social and family activities for short periods of time, time is now the most precious commodity, which for most of us is harder and harder to find.

Merry Christmas everyone, See you on the water. Scott.


Coming UP – This Month

  • WAGS – Every Wednesday. A fun sailing day with others, stress-free and a chance for non-members to sail for the day, just $20 gets you on a boat. Be at the Boat Shed at 12. Yes, even the 27th Dec.
  • December 25th – Santa comes to sailors that have been good.
  • December 30th – Informal gathering at the Boat Shed to watch the fireworks. Best view in town. Bar closes at 10pm. Others are gathering on various boats in the Marina so stay around for the New Year.
  • January 2, 2018 at 5:30 PM – 7:00 Sailing Committee Meeting Regatta Room CYC, Cairns – have a say in how we run our events, all suggestions welcome.

Feature Story


by Wazza

Wow, what a month!

The Green Boat is sitting comfortably in Bums Bay Southport with an east coast low blowing southeasterly winds at 30 knots and rain and cold. Brrrrrrr!.
With over a thousand nautical miles sailed since leaving Cairns with Angie. A return to work meant a sad goodbye at Noosa.
There were a lot of adventures and experiences under the belt, and the big one that really stands out is crossing the Wide Bay Bar and the Noosa Bar in the same day with an awesome stop for a few hours at Double Island point.
The spur of the moment decision to stop at Double island point after crossing the notorious Wide Bay Bar in beautiful calm conditions and taking the fisherman’s passage shortcut saving nearly 5 miles off the rhumb line. The wind was non-existent, so we dropped anchor under the lee of D.I. for a surf in small but fun waves on the mini mal.
Angie showed me up with perfect style with me being a bit rusty and grumpy.
We swam with turtles, stingrays, tame fish, crystal clear water and even a pod of dolphins showed up at the point showing off their babies (cute)
With a long list of tropical islands visited and some nice mainland locations, it was obvious that we really are blessed to have such a diverse and beautiful coastline on the Qld east coast.
There are a lot of boats sailing south at the moment, With sometimes up to thirty boats arriving at anchorages each afternoon only to leave early the next day for the next southern safe place to anchor. Barefoot covers the miles pretty easily when there is wind with the best days sailing being 120nm from Percy Island to Great Keppel Island in 9 hrs.
We dragged a lure all the way from Cairns down the east coast, and apart from a small mack tuna that we caught off Dunk Island and threw back, We didn’t catch a thing! I was dreaming of fresh Spanish Mackeral but settled for canned salmon.
Barefoot is going well with no major breakdowns and is surprisingly quite comfortable for a boat of this type.
Lots more stories to come, if you see us in an anchorage head over and say hello.


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