May 2018

Last Month 

 A generally windy month with not much big boat sailing. Lots of other activities though.

Lindsay Joice Inlet Race.

The last of the Lindsay Joice series finished with an inlet race. It was great to see Jai thrashing the big cat, Bagatelle, around the course to come over the line first as well as on handicap. He was closely followed by Impulse only 11 minutes behind considering the difference between a cat & monohull. Impulse ended up fourth on handicap. Volare made a very laudable third over the line and second, only two minutes behind the cat on handicap. Centinella took out third place on handicap with Vanguard following only thirteen minutes behind after over four hours sailing.

Sam Cadman Fitzroy Island Race

Continuing strong winds made this race a bit of a struggle. Once around Cape Grafton the smaller boats were punished having to fight into the sou-easterly. Impulse got to Fitzroy in an impressive time of only 3hrs 33 minutes but blew out a jib in the process. Volare was half an hour behind. Several hours later Alibi struggled in with half the crew ready to mutiny followed half an hour later by Blue Bottle taking six hours and 33 minutes. Well done.

The handicap system had no effect on the overall results.

Impulse on their way to Fitzroy Island

Alibi heads out on their first big race. Well done, it’s great to see a new boat in the fleet.

Month-end Social Night

 The first of our month end “social nights” got off to a great start with the crew of Volare producing a veritable curry celebration. I think I counted five different dishes to choose from together with accompaniments. Well done Volare. The scholarly crew also served up some perplexing trivia questions which, I must say, only exposed our ignorance in matters geographical and nautical.

Mal Stephens has volunteered to host the next social night. As the last Friday, this month clashes with Prot Douglas Race Week and with quite a few boats & crew attending, Mal’s social night will most likely be Friday 2nd June. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for further details.

Ellis Beach Month-end sailing continues

Another great turnout at Ellis with nearly all the Club boats out in blustery conditions that turned into considerably more. Good to see the big cats out as well to show us how it’s done. All boats made it back pretty well in one piece. Thanks to Scott for setting the course and manning the start boat, riding it like a bronco in the increasing chop. A lovely BBQ kept everyone fueled up and keen to revel in the conditions. A big thank you to Barry for the great job he does to keep the whole place organised and boats packed and put away ready for next time.

Don’t forget, the next Sail Ellis day, last Sunday in each month. The next is Sunday the 27th  I’m sure the weather God’s will be a bit more compliant then. See you there.

Sailability forges ahead – Andy Murray

Sailability Cairns has been ticking along nicely week by week with the group from the Endeavour Foundation continuing to bring 10 or so people with intellectual disabilities and their carers every 2nd Tuesday and ARC Disability Services increasing the size of their group from about 4 per session to about 7 or 8 on the alternate Tuesdays.
The big news is that the Rotary Club of Cairns Trinity, through their “Dream Boat Trust” have very generously donated a brand new Hansa 303 Sailability boat, which increases our fleet to four 303s and the little 2.3, which will really help us with groups of this size and help to ensure that we get as much on the water time for these keen sailors during their hour and a half sessions. The boat has been ordered and we’re eagerly awaiting delivery.
While on the subject of generosity, a very generous donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has donated $1,000 to us, which is hugely appreciated and will certainly be put to good use.
Unfortunately, a few of our regular participants have been suffering various medical issues that have been keeping them away from our sessions, from 2.30 – 5.30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so if you know anyone with a disability who would like to try sailing , please let them know that we’ve got room for them on these sessions.
We’re always keen on having new volunteers join us, particularly those who can skipper a boat and this is particularly important for our group booking sessions from 12.00 – 2.30 on Tuesdays, so please give me a ring on 0435013709 if you can help.
Cheers, Andy.


Dinghy Learn to Sail – Second Course has finished  

Congratulations to the current LTS student who graduated 28th April from our latest program..

Thank you to the wonderful crew who worked all days tiding up the club dinghy area and getting the boats ready to welcome Cairns High School who are joining us for Wednesday afternoon school sailing. – Scott

Here’s a special thank you from Susan Betts Thanks CYC, especially Scott, Riley,Trish, Sue and the very patient boys (young men!) for all your time and effort that goes into teaching us Newbies, and also for making us feel so welcome. You’re all such a beautiful bunch of people! ( A great tribute to your untiring efforts Scott)

Again, congratulations to all new sailors. We look forward to seeing you on the big boats and honing your skills at Ellis Beach on the 27th. Don’t forget, the best way to find a boat is join Sail Connect, look for an event you would like to sail in and ‘Register your Interest’. Once you have crewed on a boat you will get invitations from them in the future.

Crewing on a keelboat is easy at CYC  (download the ‘SailConnect’ app, click here)

  1. Download the App
  2. Enter your name and details as crew. Tutorials here
  3. Use the “filter” to select Cairns Yacht Club as the one nearby

  4. Go to Events, click ‘Upcoming’ and all of the events you might be interested in.

    When you register an interest, all boats sailing in that event will see your interest and get in touch via the app. Be realistic in describing your abilities; some boats can take crew that have no sailing experience whereas some like to know if you have sailed in dinghies, keelboats or whatever.

Ellis Beach

Ellis monthly Regatta on the 27th May. Here are the boat hire and event entry fees. Get in early as boats will soon be snapped up.

Food / meals / BBQ will be available. Bring some cash.

If you are hiring a boat, please help keep equipment together, so the next person hiring the boat doesn’t have to hunt through the Clubhouse to find missing parts. Each boat has a number to help with this. If something is missing or broken, please let Scott or Barry know. These dinghies only stay serviceable with your help.



Coming UP – This Month – download nomination form here

Tuesday 22 to Saturday 26th May – Quicksilver Race Week – Port Douglas. Book your time off work, this is a biggie, and plenty of boats need crew.

Saturday 26th May – Next learn to sail course starts.  Call Scott on 0410 477 166

Sunday 27th May – Ellis Beach is on again. Bring a boat or borrow one of the Club’s fleet of one man Lasers or try a Nacra 360. Book with Barry early as these will soon be snapped up. Great fun.

Friday 2nd June – Mal’s social night at the Boat Shed. The continuing monthly off the water get together.

Saturday 16th – 17th June – Anniversary Regatta – includes “Rob Leitner Memorial Race”

WAGS – Every Wednesday. A fun sailing day with others, stress-free and a chance for non-members to sail for the day, just $20 gets you on a boat. Be at the Boat Shed at 12. No need to call anyone, just turn up. Backpackers welcome, the best value day out on the water you can have in Cairns.

Connect to the calendar HERE; you can download a .pdf copy to your phone or sync the calendar.

Commodore’s Commands

Welcome, Kevin Moore, incoming Ports North General manager commercial, replacement to Micheal Colleton who’s held that position for 29 years.
Kevin had done his research on CYC, he’s well informed I just filled in a few gaps and grey areas and at no time did we discuss the past in a negative way, it looks like we can move forward now. Kevin has moved from ports Tasmania where he managed 5 ports for the past 5 years so is well versed on how it all works.
I feel the meeting was excellent and very positive for the CYC, for over an hour we discussed the history, our current position, increasing our lease footprint, improvements to the boat shed, SWD, junior sailing, sponsorship, car park, storage and the possibilities of increasing that space as well as shade for SWD sailors.
Kevin was very positive and attentive to all subjects discussed. I’m looking forward to a very good working relationship. He encouraged us to send proposals and requests and he will give his best.

The free parking on Ports North property has been fantastic and just when we were wishing it would be a new continuing arrangement, it ends. Unfortunately, from Monday 14th May and we can only park in the CYC marked locations. Apparently, Ports North will book anyone without a CYC parking sticker in our signed parking spots and if you see someone without a CYC sticker in one of our spots, call Ports North 4052 3866‬.

P.S. As of today our members have approved the new constitution. A big thank you to everyone that turned up to see out the old rules.

ED: Got a story/ drama/adventure to share? Put it down on paper (USB stick?). Anyone can have a go. Please call the editor, Hew on 0409976888. Perhaps you can tell me your story over a drink or two? Email at (We can fix spelling and grammar slip-ups)


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