December 2018

Last Month 

Saturday 1st December

Annual General Meeting, in the Club Rooms – 4:00pm

Great to see a good roll-up for the AGM. All members should thank the committee for taking up these positions that keep your Club running and providing you with a multitude of events over the years. Of course, they all volunteer their time and energy and although the load is spread there is still plenty of room for any ordinary member to come forward and volunteer a bit too. (There is the position of secretary to be filled, it’s not difficult so don’t be shy, your help will be warmly welcomed).

The following office bearers have been elected for 2019.

Commodore – John Pool
Vice Commodore – William Munro
Rear Commodore – Neil Robson
Treasurer – Hew Mills
Yacht Fleet Captain – Frank Brace
Ellis Beach Fleet Captain – Barry Craven
Dinghy Fleet Captain – Scott Davis
Sailability Fleet Captain – Andy Murray
Committee Members:
Kevin Spies & Malcolm Johnson. 

Summary of reports from the AGM

The Commodore continues his great relationship with Ports North and the Cairns Port Advisory Group which keeps our role in the Port foremost in their minds. Although minor, things like the refurbishment of the car park and repairs to our ramp continue to benefit the Club, the powers that be appreciate the effort the Club goes to keep members aware of their roles and responsibilities while operating in a commercial port.

The Vice Commodore, although only in the job of organising onshore activities for a while, there are more plans for Friday night socials next year and coordinating social events with our new sailing calendar. Maintenance and use of the Polyanna and the J24 have resulted in a positive outcome to the Club both in monetary return and getting new members up to speed with keelboat sailing skills. Some of these graduates have moved on to crew on other keelboats in the fleet and others intend to get their own yacht someday.

The Rear Commodore says that lack of crew is one of the biggest impediments to getting enough boats out sailing in the regular events. However, it’s great to see potential crew coming through the J24 program, thanks to Adrian & Bill for running this vital training. The dinghies continue to be well-patronised thanks to regular sailing at Ellis Beach, the School’s sailing program and the Learn to Sail schools. Many of these young participants are moving toward sailing on the keelboats which is pleasing.

The Treasurer pointed out that although we showed only a small profit as compared to the year before, we must be aware that it is important to collect revenue from those that have a tendency to slide by unnoticed capitalising on the easy-going nature of our Club. It is not fair on those that pay to enjoy our unique facilities so, freeloaders, fess up when you know you should contribute. Importantly, we have a reasonable cash reserve to fund future developments and no debt. However, we are working toward grant funding to renew our Pacer fleet.

The Yacht Fleet Captain has given us an excellent calendar of events for 2019. To make it easy for crew and boats to plan their sailing activities there will be a keelboat race on the first weekend of each month starting on the 2nd Feb. In addition, the second weekend (usually a Sunday) will be a social/fun sail, maybe a day trip to the reef, a practice day or just sailing in company. There is a new calendar both online and posted in the Boat Shed. You can get the calendar synched to your phone so any changes are immediately apparent. (See below, the technical section for how-to-do this, it’s easy).

The Dinghy Fleet Captain says that the extra dinghy activity at Ellis Beach has given members a great opportunity to get out and practice their skills from the Learn to Sail courses, on the Lasers and Nacra’s. (Keelboat crew & skippers participate too!) The School’s Sailing Program continues to be well supported and we look forward to introducing more young people to the skills and pleasures of sailing. Out hard working Pacer Dinghies are in need of replacement to keep these important programs attractive.

Ellis Beach has seen a great revival due to repainting of the Clubhouse and the increasing use as a wedding venue. This, yet to be discovered beach, is one of the most beautiful and private parts of the tropical coast, and it’s ours to enjoy. The monthly (last weekend) sailing is a fantastic opportunity for all members to enjoy the enormous benefits of their membership with this Club brings. A great place or kids & dogs too!

Sailability continues to grow largely due to a dedicated band of volunteers who enjoy helping others. Sailability is a now “Deductible Gift Recipient” charity and can welcome sponsorships and gifts from public and corporate generosity. This year Sailability has received two new boats from Rotary and Sea Swift and are well equipped for the year ahead.

Presentation Night – 5:30pm

Another great evening with great food at the Boat Shed, a pleasing turnout of members. The raffle for the much-admired Kingchrome tool chest was won by Mal Stevens who then auctioned a dartboard raising well-appreciated funds for Sailability.

A year of good sailing produced these results…Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 5.19.22 pm.jpg



The prize for the most prizes goes to Frank & Wendy Brace & Impulse crew.


Junior Member of the year – Daniel Brace

Most Improved Sailor – Harrison Oates

December 8th Fitzroy Fizzer

CYC Xmas party at Fitzroy Island was going to be a good’un, the last sail for the year with eight boats showing interest. However, a strong wind warning for Friday & Saturday made a cancellation necessary. As it happened the strong wind warning continued until Sunday then it bucketed down with around 200mm flooding low lying areas. Just as well we weren’t trying to get back from Fitzroy.


Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 6.54.33 am.jpg

Top line, Fitzroy Island. The red line is the actual wind in Cairns


Centinela has been on an extended cruise into southern waters, their return voyage will be published next month. Thanks to Bill & Eileen…

Keelboat Learn to Sail

Adrian has completed yet another “Learn to Sail”  course with some participants coming back for a refresher course. More courses to follow. Please contact Margie at the office 07 4031 2750‬ or email

Coming UP – This Month

December 15 – 16th (Another fizzer due to impending cyclonic activity)

Ellis Beach break-up weekend has been cancelled.


Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 11.40.06 am.jpg

So far a pretty wobbly track, predictions are for it to come back and have another go at us.


December 25th

Santa’s coming… If you’ve been good.

WAGS – Every Wednesday. Yep, still going so no excuses for not sailing. A fun sailing day with others, stress-free and a chance for non-members to sail for the day, just $20 gets you on a boat. Be at the Boat Shed at 12. No need to call anyone, just turn up. Backpackers welcome, the best value day out on the water you can have in Cairns.

Tackers Fun Friday – 4-5:30 pm

Trackers sailing program

The Tacker Fun Sailing program is romping along every Friday from 4pm to 6pm thanks to Riely and his team. We get “kids” of all sizes and there’s room for more. Bring your kids and grandkids down to the Boatshed and celebrate the end of the working week

The club bar is open so while the kids are out having fun you can sit back and have a wine and watch them sail.

Riley Munro, Harrison and Daniel Brace are there to run the show – bring the kids or the grandkids 4pm to 6pm

Technical Corner

How to sync your iPhone with the Club online calendar?

Go to CYC web page, click on Calendar then click on Google Calendar. That will create a Google calendar that you can sync with other devices.

Go to


Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 12.04.02 pm.jpg



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